Friday, August 24, 2012

Lunch with David

I had a great lunch with David Sedaris today. He loves having lunch with me because no one bothers him, it's like he's invisible to the world.

Today I was in the mood for Thai, David always lets me pick the place and I always pick up the check. There's this yummy cafe style place near work, Blue Ginger, and I love their Panang Curry (spicy x 2.)

So, David had me in stitches as soon as the waiter took the order. He launched right into the story about his childhood idiosyncrasies, A Plague of Tics. Yes, I've heard David tell this story many times but it still tickles me.

My snorts of laughter drew the attention of more than one patron, but really, I have to be forgiven when I'm with David. He's just too much!

The waiter interrupted David several times. I'd ask David to pause and then repeat the last 10 seconds, he always accommodates. Such an enjoyable lunch companion and the check was so cheap it was as if we'd only ordered one meal.

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