Monday, August 20, 2012

Hunger Strike

There was only one blemish on our vacation... one that caused tears and stress. Kitty went on a hunger strike at the vet.

I had been stressed about leaving Kitty and I'd even had a nightmare about her dying while we were gone, she's getting older. Plus we've never boarded her before. I called on Monday to check on her and they told me she hadn't eaten since Saturday but not to worry they were trying different foods to entice her.

Tuesday they force fed her and we decided to run some tests. Bladder infection, not an uncommon reaction to stress. We started her on medicine and also gave her a hunger stimulant.

Wednesday was a little better and by Thursday she was eating on her own again.

I am so happy we boarded with the vet. It was more expensive but worth it.

Kitty came home today. Hubby said she's been cuddly all day. She still had lots of cuddles and purrs for me when I got home... Now my family is all home, safe and sound.

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