Saturday, August 11, 2012

Are we there yet?

First vacation post! Hubby and I woke at four and we hit the road on schedule at 5:00.

Just needed to make a two minute stop for ice... That turned into a ten minute stop.

Michael dumped the bag of ice into the cooler. A big solid chunk landed on top from the bottom of the ice bag.

"Just get rid of that chunk, we have plenty of ice." I suggested.

"No, I can make it work..." he said as he took a can of Coke and started pounding on the block of ice.

AND THEN THE COKE EXPLODES... Did I mention we were doing this IN the car?

Both girlies were sprayed with soda and I thought we were going to have to go back home for showers. But it looked and sounded worse than it was, most of the soda landed in the ice chest.

And so it begins! I decided I better get more sleep and put on my cat mask for a cat nap. When I woke at 8:45 we were in Shreveport.

I had to hold hubby's ear buds for ransom until he found a restroom.

He and the TomTom had a rocky start. Hubby disagreed with TomTom's sense of direction a couple of times. But hubby just announced, "he's proven himself, I'll follow his directions."

Oh brother!

Here is the first "flat kitty" photo, Shreveport LA!


  1. What a start to the vacation! Hope the rest is a great time. :)

  2. Exploding of the many perils of road trips. Flat kitty is awesome, but your husband looks less than amused :-)

  3. Yep, the old ice stop before one can go anywhere! lol I always drop the bags on the pavement where I buy them and mash 'em up real good.

    I can just hear the girls screaming echo in my mind right now! lol

    What are you going to do in Louisiana?

  4. Coke explosion - all great vacations have such stories peppered throughout. Have fun!