Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cruise Control

Heading home at 70 mph, Florida to Alabama to Mississippi to Louisiana to Texas. 18 hour drive without stops, but that's not possible so it will probably be 20 hours. We'll decide in Shreveport if we are going to stop for the night or keep "the wheels on the bus go round and round."

I didn't drive on the way to Disney but I drove a few hours this afternoon so hubby could take a nap. I learned how cruise control works today, boy that makes life easier, six years of cruise control wasted! I'm going to start using it on my hour commute.

Hubby has timing! As soon as he was snoring the rain started and as soon as he took the wheel over again it stopped. My sister made this drive home earlier this week and they drove through the night. I'm still giggling over her description of waking up to the sound of her husband slapping himself in the face to keep awake (she took over driving then.) I laugh because they are safe but thank God they weren't in an accident. We've promised everyone we will stop if we are not wide awake.

I'm so surprised that I've handled the confinement so well. Driving 5 hours to Sea World a few years ago drove me batty, I even got meds for this trip but haven't needed to use them.

Okay, truth be told I did go a little batty when it was my turn to drive today. The girlies where talking and laughing and I "Spearing-ed" them. Absolutely no fun allowed in the car while I'm driving. Too much stimulation for me. Do I calmly explain this to my girlies? No, that would be the sane thing to do, instead I yell "no more talking or laughing, it is quiet time!" This does not upset my girlies, they know I'm not mad, just overwhelmed. I put my iPod on and listened to Star Trek and half of a Harry Potter. It soothes me to listen to movies I know well, like listening to a favorite book but with music and sound effects.

It'll be my shift again soon if we keep driving... I think I'll listen to the movie Freaky Friday.

A P.S. giggle, I can hear Britney Spears' Toxic coming from hubby's ear buds. LOL!

P.P.S. Spearing is my maiden name.

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