Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dinner Date

Last night I had a dinner date with an old friend, Kristie. My Texas childhood is filled with memories of our time together. If someone asked me to name my childhood friends there would be just two names, in St. Louis there was Jennifer and in Texas there was Kristie. Kristie and I only went to school together for 4th and 5th grade but she remained my best friend into high school. (I had other friends, but these were the two that I loved the most at those times in my life.)

I think my shyness and low self esteem played a huge roll in our growing apart in high school and then college, but I was not self aware enough at the time to overcome these obstacles.

Kristie's family was kind enough to meet us at the tourist cliche restaurant Planet Hollywood. As I saw her walking up the stairs I was amazed by how little she had changed from the last time we were together, in a Denny's, on her break from UT Austin, almost 20 years ago. Still so young and beautiful. Working at Disney must keep you young!

She has a very nice and handsome husband and two beautiful children who all clearly adore her. Her 6-year-old son is full of energy and curiosity and her toddler daughter looks like she's a cuddle bug. I wish I knew her better so I could steal some of those hugs she was giving her mommy.

Our visit was the perfect length with all the kids, my girlies anxious to squeeze in every last moment of Disney, but too short for me. So many things I'd like to catch up on, so much I'd like to learn about the person she's become.

I'm sure we had rough times but I only remember two, both caused by adults and outside the control of two little girls. The rest of our friendship I remember as close and comfortable. Comfortable being a huge compliment in a childhood I found anything but.

Kristie brought a photo she has kept of me with one of our teachers, I was proud of myself for keeping it together, I didn't ball like a baby :)

She also brought gifts for my girlies, ones they will never forget. Ariel asked her to deliver a signed photo of all the princesses and one from Mickey, addressed to each of my girlies.

I look forward to getting to know Kristie again, this was a highlight of my vacation.

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