Monday, August 6, 2012

Big Brother

Has anyone seen the awful but addictive show Big Brother?

The themes of the show are paranoia, challenges, and survival... Oh, and lots of personality drama.

Well, that's been my life these last seven days... The threat of being voted out of my own life hanging over my head.

My paranoia is real and justified. The challenges real, scary, and success not guaranteed. The drama...

The drama even too much for me, a drama queen. Not fun, laughable drama but scary malicious drama.

Who are my allies? Who can I trust? God, my girlies, hubby when he is not tired of this invisible game I'm struggling with.

I did not sign up for Big Brother... So this is notice to the participating "contestants," I'm done. Play the game without me. I can't stop you, but I sure as hell can ignore you.

Tomorrow is a new day. And I am out of the house.

(They turn the photo black/white when someone leaves the game.)

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