Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rescuers and Rock Stars

Hmmmm. I broke the car today. Classic.

I'd noticed the driver's wheel trembling this morning on the way to work and called hubby. He was going to swap cars after work. But the minivan had plans of its own.

Even though it was raining I decided to run out and pick up lunch. I dashed down to the car because I never have an umbrella when it rains. I reversed out of the parking spot and then put the car in drive. A horrible grinding noise and the car shuttered... But the engine was running fine.

Park. Reverse. Neutral. Drive. Over and over I tried to get something to work, but just more groaning and death rattles. And I'm blocking the exit for this row if parking.

"Karen, I need you to come down and steer my car while I push it back into a spot." I said as soon as she answered the phone.

FOREVER later Karen came along... But with backup. Mike and Rico to the rescue!

"This is boy work" Karen said as she walked up to the car.

And even though I felt bad that they were getting soaked in the rain I was glad they were there. They gave me real words to use when I called hubby, "transition" instead of "bad noise."

Hubby made a lot of calls this afternoon, important arrangements for the car. I only made one call... Important arrangements for getting home!

The tow truck arrived at 4:30 and had my car loaded just in time for my sister to pick me up. (Bonus, I got to visit with Kate and Henry.)

We'll get a rental tomorrow afternoon. My good buddy Karen offered to pick me up for work in the morning, which is way out of her way. She's a rock star! I offered to buy her lunch... but she was already packing it... and sent me a photo. Tehe, but it looks yummy.

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