Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Smash Burger

Had a great lunch out with the big girlies: Karen, Stacy, and Amy.  We met up at Smash Burger for burgers and the BEST sweet potato fries EVER! Stacy had a story to share with us but said it would have to wait until after we were done eating… That should have been my first clue.

After I finished my jalapeno burger and sweet potato fries Stacy told her story…

First let me mention that Stacy and Sean are newlyweds… And so adorable together.  PLUS Sean looks just like a better-looking-thinner-red-headed Zack Galifianakis… I mention this because I have a huge crush on both of them.  Anyway, back to Stacy's story.

She and Sean (Zack) had chinese for dinner last night.  Stacy was awakened from her beauty sleep by the sounds of Sean vomiting.  Did he have food poisoning?  NO! Apparently their dog got sick at some point that evening and diareahed all over a blanket… The same blanket that Sean pulled onto himself to keep his cute-zack-look-a-like-ness warm.  But when Sean realized he had dog doo all over himself he could not keep the content of his stomach down.

And neither could I… I tried to keep control of myself as Stacy was sharing this very funny story, but I lost.  I made it, just in time, to the ladies room before emptying my $8 worth of food into their toilet.

Fortunately I did not repeat the incident of August 1, In Commando of the Situation, and urinate all over myself while vomiting.  I also did not get anything on my dress.

So, after 12 altoids and some Sprite I am back at work.  My secret safe… Except for everyone I repeat this story to :)

Me & Stacy, a reenactment

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