Sunday, November 27, 2011

Active Listener, NOT

"Siobain?" I call from my bedroom.
Siobain pops her head in.
"There is a round, gold, zipper bag about this big" (I use my hands to demonstrate) "on the kitchen counter. Can you bring it to me?" I ask lazily... 'cause I could have gotten it myself...
Siobain pops back in with this...

"Siobain? Can you describe the object I asked you to get for me?" I inquire.
"The bag on the counter..." She replies.
"I said a 'round, gold, zipper bag'... is this a round, gold, zipper bag?" I ask with exasperation.
"I'll be right back..." she says as she leaves the room...

This is a smart girl.  High marks in 4 pre-AP classes.
... sigh, listening skills? We'll work on those ...

She did not want me to write about this because she felt like an idiot.  I try to keep her private moments private... but this is just too hilarious to keep to myself.  Plus, how lucky are we that these moments are the frustrating ones? She is such a good girlie.

She's just read the post and has given me permission to share her "idiotic" moment.

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