Wednesday, November 16, 2011

White Knuckled

Hubby had to attend an all day training class today so I left work early to pick the girlies up. Ummmmm....

Caitlin's school should be a no-brainer because, between the two girlies, we've been attending for 7 years.  But today I was able to make a fool of myself anyway.  It was hi-larious if I do say so myself!

Because I always mess up in the drive-through pick up lane I decided to park and walk to retrieve Caitlin.  Unfortunately all the parking spaces are parallel spots... and the only on left was on the very curve of the U shaped driveway.

After 2 minutes of driving forward and backward I looked over to to my right, the pick up lane, to see a man in a white truck laughing at me.  He rolled down his driver side window and I rolled down my passenger side window....

"Pull forward, more, more, more, stop!
Now turn your wheel left reverse, more...
now wheel to the right and reverse, more, more, stop!
Now pull your wheel sharp left and pull forward... stop!
Good Job!"

LOL! It was so funny!  With a wave of thanks I hopped out of the car and ran into Shona and Dawn, who are adorable and fantastic and always good for a laugh! Caitlin was full of energy and the whole fiasco put me in a light hearted mood.

But then...

... I picked Honey up at the Middle School for the first time ever.  Even Surrounded by 500 12 to 14-year-olds, an incredibly obnoxious age, the most obnoxious people around were the adult drivers... 

This photo, taken in my driveway, was a re-enactment of my road rage... photo bombed by my youngest girlie... we love a good photo bomb in our family :)

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