Monday, November 21, 2011

Fan Club

After 4 years Kitty is finally willing to accept Spartacus as part of the family.  She has recently moved out of the master bath to join the family.  She's been accepting Spartacus in her bed (my bed) for about a year,  at night, with the understanding that the spot next to hubby's head is hers.

But know she'll share the space with him during daylight hours also.  I've even spotted her in the living room several times.  You can't acknowledge said spottings or she'll dash back to the bedroom.

I attribute this new found dog tolerance to Caitlin. She and Kitty have bonded strongly, Kitty no longer fearing an inadvertent poke in the eye.

Here Kitty is checking out Spartacus' recent blog post.  I think she finds him very pedestrian... but she finds everyone except Caitlin pedestrian.

I think I see a small smile as she reads

Meanwhile the Medina abode is full of tween laughter.  I really like Sophia and Siobain l-o-v-e-s her... but I am still struggling with opening my home to others.  Hubby is being very understanding and letting me hang with the cat in my bedroom. Although I did take my anxiety meds to handle the space invasion I have noticed an improvement in my willingness to go to places where there are... people.  This past weekend I went to the tree lighting event (although with a few "moments" of extreme anxiety) and I was able to go to a craft show on Sunday. Fortunately I picked a great time to go to the craft show and there wasn't much of a crowd, plus I found a great new item. A God Box! You write down your prayers or anxieties and release them to God to take care of.

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