Friday, November 4, 2011

MORE "fun"

So... I usually get home too late to join in the cici's fine dining experience.  This is something the girlies and hubby LOVE to do.  Whenever I call them they always sound like they are having so much fun!

But I really do. not. like Cici's. "But mommy it will be so much MORE fun if you come too!"

So, here we are at CiCi's.  Waiting for hubby to pay for the buff-et.
Ug. Although all the employees were SUPER nice.

So hubby asked them to put America's Funniest Home Videos on the TV.
As I was seated facing away from the TV this is what I got to watch...

All three of them looking over my head.
Laughing, gasping, and wincing at apparently appropriate times.

I went. I will not go again. I'll let this be a "daddy date."

When he's not laughing with pizza in his mouth...
 my hubby is a handsome man!

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