Sunday, November 13, 2011

SeaLife... at the Mall

Today my four oldest girlies (no Kate) met K and P at SeaLife.  It was so much fun! Way more fun than going to...

School... get it?

No flash photo allowed, so everything is very moody and back lit.

This friendly fella kept doing loops for Mia.

I l-o-v-e the look on the girlies' faces with the stingray came to wave "hi."

P found a GREAT skeleton in the waters.

Kelli captured this shark as she walked through the tank...

The sharks swim all around! Up, down, left and right!

We caught sight of an awesome shark.

Yes, I did say "make this scary face"... Mia and Honey both thought I was a freak.

We found Nemo!

I love the sea horses!

Mood lighting :)


Eleanor and Caitlin too!

Towards the end you get to pet some starfish.

Even Honey wanted to get some star fish action :)

And take a group photo with some real lights!

This was so much fun.  It was a bit warm. I was stripped half naked after just a few minutes... I figured with the "mood" lighting it would be less noticeable.

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