Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You're OK with being stupid?

Suddenly... realizing I'm on the highway with my girlies still in the car.

"Oh my God! Why are you in the CAR?! Why didn't anyone say anything as we passed your schools?!" - crazy mom

"I didn't notice... are we in trouble?" - apprehensive Siobain

"No! We are all just stupid!" - frustrated mom

"Ok, good." - relieved Siobain

"You're OK with being STUPID?" - astonished Caitlin

Sputtering laughter from Siobain and I... I have to say this whole fiasco made my day.  

Telling the tale to hubby...

Mommy said...

And then I said....

Uh.... yes, we were late to school.

I love my family!

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