Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sleepy Kathleen

I had a big headache yesterday.  Took some meds, put a heating pad on my face, tried not to grind my teeth. I finally fell asleep.  I say "finally" but it was really 2:00 in the afternoon.  Just me and Siobain home.  Hubby and Caitlin had gone to a friends.

Siobain was grounded.  Staying home and doing chores. I asked her to cuddle me for awhile... sometimes cuddles DO help the headaches.

I woke up totally disoriented at 7:45.  I couldn't remember which day of the week it was.  Is it morning or evening.  The house was too quiet.

Siobain. Siobain should be home at least.  Siobain? I yelled.

Went to her room, very nicely cleaned.  Even had the bed made.

It's 7:45 in the evening.  I've figured that our.  Everyone should be home.  Siobain?

I called hubby.  No answer.  I called Siobain... her phone ringing in the living room.

Call hubby, no answer.  Call Tammy, maybe hubby is still there, no answer. Call Gorgeous, spoke to Michael about the turkey at about three. Call hubby, no answer. Call hubby, no answer. Call Sophia, no she's not with me. Call Aunt Maria, no answer. Text hubby, im scared where r u please tell me u have siobain. Call hubby. Call Tammy again.

When do I call the police?  When When When? What was she wearing?  I can't remember.  Surely she is with hubby.  She wouldn't have left... I didn't hear anyone come in.

Hubby called.  He is so sorry. They went to a movie. She's fine.

I cried in relief. Scary 25 minutes.  I pray for all the people who's fears are not miscommunication ending after 25 minutes.

So, all is good. The girlies enjoyed their movie with hubby, Puss In Boots or something.

Today's been a quiet sleepy day too.  The girlies have been playing.  Singing on the Wii (I need to sneak a video of that!)

We loaded Siobain's ipod up with lots of songs.  Since I was in control I put some of mine on there too, listen and think of me when these come on.

Caitlin has been non-stop with the American Girl magazine.
They are filled with holiday cut-outs and games...
... and santa suggestions.

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