Friday, November 11, 2011

Cherish the one you love...

A friend of mine lost her dog this week.  You can see the pain in her face.  The pain of never again cuddling with her fur ball of love.  Made me think of my handsome boy. The one who loves me unconditionally.  Who I love unconditionally.

It is different than my love for my girlies. Different from my love for my hubby. Different from the love for my mother and sisters.

But still a love that fills my heart completely.  I pray he can stay with me forever... or at least much longer than a dog lover can expect.

My heart goes out to Bev.

I love these canine teeth... 
so delicate as he runs around with our shoes, not damaging them at all.

And the one eyed spy to mommy who is bothering him with so many click, click, clicks.

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