Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Dimple Meter

So... Siobain is 12.  And apparently that comes with some attitude.  Apparently attitude increases when in a motorized vehicle. The ride to school each morning has gotten interesting.

I have found a way to bring us together.  I make fun of her.  Mainly I wait until Caitlin is out of the car... then I can focus all of my attention on torturing Siobain. How do I make fun of her?  I become the voice in her head.

Works every time.  Makes her laugh. Makes me feel funny. Alleviates any filicidal thoughts. (I had to look that word up... hope i used it correctly.)

Anywho, I lower my voice to a sullen whisper. I slightly slouch my shoulders. All words ushered in monotone...

"I hope mom doesn't know how cold I am right now.  Wish I had brought my coat but I'm not gonna let her know that."

"She thinks she's so funny."

"I wish she would drop me a block from school."

"She is sooooo old."

This morning she was "irritated" that I was dropping her off at school so early.  I perked up! Oooooh! This could MAKE MY DAY! Will I get to be the "voice in her head?" Please Please Please.

"Do you want me to be the voice in your head?" I ask with excitement
Laughing, "No, that's okay. I'm happy now." she replies.

A little disappointed, yes.  To ridicule is to love... but as long as she's laughing with me I'm happy.

I can rate my jokes by the depth of her dimples.

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