Monday, November 14, 2011

Death Note

I admit it.  I don't "get" manga.  Like, AT ALL.

Unfortunately my oldest girlie is all manga'd up.  She loves this stuff.  Where does parenting end and personal preference begin? I'm trying really hard here.  Mainly because hubby has said I can't ground her from all anime and manga. (Note: but I would I could)

It's everywhere.  Books, cartoons, products, movies, games... ev-er-y-where.  Her Christmas list is exclusively manga. Sigh.

Death Note is the latest series we'll (hubby) have to give parental approve.  She consumes faster than we (hubby) can approve. (Yes, I dislike manga so much I'm leaving this parental duty to the sometimes dubious "wink, wink" approval of my husband... If you have seen some of the clothes my girlies have worn to school you would understand the dubiousness of his approval.)

Anyway.  Death Note is the story of a teen boy that receives a book dropped from "the god of death" in which a person's name written will result in their death.  It has been banned in schools in Beijing and Shanghi China as well as causing "incidents" in US schools in Washington, Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia... the US schools all relating to students creating their own "Death Note" books naming fellow students and teachers.  Siobain understands the boundaries of fantasy and reality. She understands good and evil.  She understand ONE true God.

Ug. "Appropriate" material is so much harder as my girlies get older. Every cell in my body screams shelter shelter shelter... but I have to learn to guide and influence...

... just like every other parent.

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