Saturday, November 19, 2011

Deck the Mall

Missed posting yesterday because of a killer migraine.  Actually, missed everything yesterday because of it... home sick with my meds and a heating pad on my head.  Slept for over 24 hours...

I was feeling much better this afternoon and decided to join hubby and the girlies at the Southlake tree lighting celebration.  And I am so glad I did (although I was still a major crabby pants...)

The town square shopping area was turned into an 80 degree winter wonderland with orchestras, choirs, bells, crafts, cookies, lights, and Santa!  Everything free!

This is how hubby and the girlies usually look...
all tangled up... a moving ball of crazy.
They laugh at me because just watching them makes me claustrophobic.

This was hubby's idea of a great photo op... all antlers.

Why yes, we would love to put our own icing on our cookies!

 A holiday g-o-o-f-b-a-l-l.

Funnel Cakes! Free Funnel Cakes!

These guys must have been SO HOT!

This was my favorite part!
The Children's Medical Center booth was making holiday flip books...

We saved the Santa sitting for last.
This is our very first FAMILY Santa photo ever.
Awwwwkward, Santa ain't happy with our po-dunk group.

I did try to get everyone dressed up a bit... but no one was listening and I gave up.
So this is us... and we love it!

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