Thursday, January 13, 2011

You had me at tutu...

We have the best dog ever! Ever and ever. Michael and I have both had many great dogs in our life and we wanted our girlies to experience the same unconditional love and cuddles that are so unique to a dog.

Our first family dog, Sterling, was just 3 when we had to put her to sleep. We discovered that Sterling had a tumor on her spine, by the end she couldn't use her back legs... the day of the surgery the Dr. called and said it was much worse than she had thought and we should go ahead and put her to sleep before she comes out of anestesia because her life would be so painful.

I decided we would never have a dog again. I just couldn't do it.

A year later my family had worn me down to the point that I said I was willing to LOOK at dogs, but we were NOT getting one.

Oh my, they were so excited. SO excited. They convinced me to stop at Petsmart (who was hosting a city pound adoption day) on our way to the park... "Just to look"

All it took was ONE look. I was hooked. I fell in love.

My girlies said no, they wanted a puppy. My hubby said no, he thinks the dog might be a pit bull.

I said "this is my dog!" and took him home.

His name is Spartacus... and we can not imagine life without him. He's a boxer/terrier mix. He's totally layed back. He will let my neice poke him in the eye. He'll let my girls lay on him. He cuddles anyone who is sick, won't leave their side.

He'll even let us dress him up.

This is my handsome boy. And my only baby that is allowed to sleep in our bed every night.

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