Sunday, January 30, 2011

American Tract

It is a beautiful day outside. There is not a single cloud in the sky and there is a lovely breeze.

Hubby is doing work around the yard and the girlies are jumping and screaming and riding their bikes. Spartacus is keeping an eye on everyone.

Even I am risking a kick-in-the-face allergy attack to enjoy some of the day.

The broom is out. The hammers are out. So are the shovels and grass bags... and the rake.

At the request of my husband:

American Tract

Hubby loves to recreate famous art... His goal is to have the family reproduce all the Beatles' album covers... we have already done a horrible version of Abby Road. So this is our version of American Gothic. Only we live in suburbia where tract homes rein... thus, American Tract.

Thank goodness we live on a cul-de-sac because hubby decided to put the leaf bag over his head and blindly chase after the girlies.

This excitement, of coarse, tied my handsome boy up in knots.

A perfect day. I might even convince hubby to bbq...


  1. Fun Day! At our house we cleaned and cleaned to try and stop the spread of pink eye. So almost as fun as yours. Spartacus really looks the part with that serious look on his face... but how did he get a place in the American Gothic recreation instead of you??

  2. also can't wait to read spartacus' pov.