Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Monkey, Penguin, and Rabbit walk into a bar...

When Hubby is away... the girlies will play!

I have my girlies to myself this weekend and decided that we would have FUN! They voted to go to Rainforest Cafe for dinner and then some shopping. Cloths, shoes, books, jewelry... we all got a little something and even bought a pair of Darth Vader slippers for the hubby (on sale $5!!)

Rainforest Cafe was so much fun. Lightening storms and wild animals and food (actually, really good lasagna) and balloon animals and... MAD LIBS!

We are now cuddling down to watch Harry Potter... Tron tomorrow...


  1. So fun!! Caitlin looks so happy! I'm sorry we missed out.

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