Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't Sweat It

My girlies have to get their cloths together every night for the next day. This is to eliminate any arguments in the morning and to avoid the words "I don't have any clean underwear."

I do an approval, because my girlies love to try and sneak summer clothing into their winter wardrobe... many a time I've said "didn't I pack that away?"

But beyond ensuring the clothing is weather appropriate my sister has recently convinced me to relax about what my children want to wear. It's not worth the argument and gives them a feeling of control. Yes, I could eventually force them to wear a shirt and pants that match... but the begging, tears, and screaming are probably not worth it.

Since they are not allowed to have clothing that is not age appropriate (which eliminates 90% of the clothing marketed to little girls) my new motto is don't sweat it.

So, when Caitlin added an additional pink splash of color to her pre-approved outfit... I took a picture for this blog and dropped her off at school.

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  1. she looks very cool. they know better than we do.