Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Donuts Anyone?

Had a long day. Loooooong Day.

Glass half empty: c-r-i-e-d in a meeting. Ummm, not the cool collected professional look I'm going for this year.

Glass half full: DUDE! I would totally be an entertaining reality show. Also, got a ton of catch up work done today.

What occurred next rarely happens, I can remember only one other time. I, oh the gluttonous shame... detoured for some Krispy Kremes. But mm-mm-mm, there's nothing like coma inducing donuts for a glass-half-full day.

Since I worked so late... and had to stop for coma inducing donuts... I didn't get home until the girlies were already in bed.

Unfortunately, after a borderline glass-half-empty day I need girlie love. Sooooo... we broke out the donuts.

Mommy actions today:
Got girlies out of bed for completely selfish reason - CHECK
Contributed to tooth decay - CHECK
Hopped them up on sugar and then expected them to go to sleep - CHECK
Broke house snack rules - CHECK
Created a dangerous precedent - CHECK
Woke hubby up with our antics (he goes to work at 3am) - CHECK
Made girlies day - CHECK
Made my day - CHECK CHECK

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