Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TMI Warning - Diamond in the... Rough

Official TMI Warning, do not read on unless you want to know way too much about my day.




Scene: I was sitting in the ladies room, yes on the toilet.

Action: Generally, I was doing what people do in the restroom*, I don't know what I was thinking about before this moment... or what I normally think about when in the ladies room... but I do know that all thought stopped completely when I glanced down...

...and saw a diamond in the crotch of my panties.

I have to admit, it gave me a start to see something sparkle back at me... and yet, this is by no means the most exciting nor most startling thing to happen to me in the ladies room.

Naturally, I have taken a picture of the diamond in question:

Some thoughts:
- Note that I did not have the camera in the bathroom with me.
- Nor would I have taken a picture if I had had the camera with me.
- Clearly the diamond fell out of my new bracelet when I, ya know, sat down.
- OR.... Am I such a ROCK Star that when under extreme stress and pressure, as I was today, I am able to turn sh*t into diamonds... hmmmm.

*Since I'm "in the bathroom" topically I thought I could vent a moment about the ladies bathroom. In my opinion it is for bodily functions, washing your hands, and possibly to look at the mirror to see if you sat in something. It is NOT for gossiping, talking on the phone, sleeping, or reading (ok, some would argue that one but keep it at home.)


  1. My most pressing thought would be ... What IS the most exciting and startling thing that has happened in the ladies restroom?