Thursday, January 6, 2011

Brought to you by The Clock and the #133

My baby girlie has been sick all week with strep. Her fever broke today (it had peaked at 104.5 last night) and I came home to a glimpse of my little girl's personality!

She had felt well enough to count ALL of her silly bandz at some point today. I'm really sorry I missed it. But I forced her into a reenactment... which may have sent her into a relapse...

"Can I get back in bed now Mommy?"
"Will you do it one more time? The clock started chiming."
"I want to go back to bed mommy."

I'm trying to remember what I collected when I was 7...


  1. that was so cute! the clock made it even cooler. Did she put all 133 on her arm and then remove them one by one to count them? she's so adorable! and that's A LOT of silly bandz.
    you collected bears at one point. swatch watches probably came a little after 7. ... our parents didn't indulge us in "collections".

  2. No, I didn't torture her that much. We started at 130, you saw the whole thing. Except I also interviewed her on which ones were her favorites. Too cute.

    Her fever is back. But I am confident it is NOT because of the 10 minutes I made her play with me and the flip.

  3. Love the evil laugh at the end, punctuated by the clock. Staying in character, I see ... ;) (JK)