Monday, January 10, 2011

Quality Time

Does all of us being in the same room at the same time count as "Quality Time"?

I got home late tonight and this was the scene:

Caitlin watching Disney (I still don't know why she's wearing her coat)
Siobain reading on her Nook (Which I am totally jealous of!)*
Hubby strumming his electric guitar
Me... eating dinner

Fortunately Michael is able to pick the girls up from school everyday. They get their homework done, play, argue, play, study, laugh and have fun... and are usualy pooped by 7:00.

*Side note: this the second time today I could not sufficiently spell jealous for spell check to figure out what I was TRYING to spell. The first time I changed the word to envious... this time I asked my hubby.

8:30 - update. I asked Caitlin to take her coat off and put it away... I turn around and she's in not 1 but 2 tutus. Got. To. Love. Her!

Pay no attention to the floor that desperately needs to be cleaned.

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