Saturday, January 8, 2011

Adventures of Super Sick

The new adventure of Super Sick.

I have many powers, but have just discovered a new one! I can refuse to take medicine, bwahahahahaha! I am to old to hold down and force feed... and I do not believe your threats. You frighten me not, weak Mommy, for I know that when I am in pain you will hug and comfort me.

"I'll call Daddy!" you say? Ha! That threat hasn't worked for years.
"I'll call Dr. K!" you try? Mwaaahaa! You will only look the fool.
"I'm going to tell Gorgeous!"... you KNOW that only works when it comes to table manners and behaving lady-like... I am Super Sick and I am immune to her Powers of Politeness.

My fever has broken and you will let me outside to enjoy this glorious day.

My fever has BROKEN and you will let me outside to enjoy this glorious day!


"Your fever has broken, oh that is wonderful" says Mighty Mommy. "You will not go out and play. You still need to rest, but you can play dress-up if you would like."

... and the balance of power shifts back to it's rightful place.

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