Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Barbie I Can Be...

I looked through my window as I was getting into the car today... and saw the contents of my change tray. I've walked by other cars and looked in. Some are pristine, some are trash baskets, some have car seats, they all say a little something about the driver... and I had... wait for it...

My youngest girlie wanted "Barbie I Can Be...Dolls" for Christmas. She got "Barbie I Can Be Pizza Chef Doll" and "Barbie I Can Be Snowboarder Doll."

I image this to be "Barbie I Can Be Party Hard Girl Doll":

She didn't plan on this happening. It was just supposed to be drinks with the girls. Darn those Pom Martinis. Now she's hungover, naked, missing her legs, in a stranger's car and only has 26 cents and a tin of altoids to her name. What happened after that 3rd martini???? And where are her cloths?


How she really got there... My beautiful niece E turned 5 and I made her a purple princess cake. Princess hasn't made it back into the box yet. In the meantime princess pick doll looks like a great weapon incase of a carjacking. 1st you startle the hoodlum by wielding a naked barbie then while he's distracted and surprised you stab him in the eye and escape... Wait, this blog has taken many wrong turns.

Here's what "Barbie I Can Be Party Hard Girl" looked like before the martinis:

Since this is my picture a day blog I should mention that the cake photo was taken by my much more talented sister, Sarah.

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  1. I've been spoiled by the "like" button on facebook. This was a really funny post! I liked it, it made me laugh. :)