Friday, January 14, 2011

Girlfriends by my Girlie

My oldest girlie, Honey, is very artistic. She especially loves to draw manga and create new characters.

Caitlin is Honey's biggest fan. She takes Honey's drawings, cuts them out and plays with the paper dolls.

So, for Christmas this year (2010) I thought Honey would like to turn her paper dolls into stuffed ones... and boy did she! I found Spoonflower online, they custom print your designs on fabric and ship it right to your door.

Since a yard is the minimum order we were able to fit 5 sets of the 5 dolls on our fabric. That's one set for Honey, Caitlin, Eleanor, Mia and even our newest cousin Kate.

Honey selected fun fabric, in everyones favorite color, to sew on the back side of the dolls. We stuffed and stuffed and stuffed. They came out GREAT and were loved by all.

It was so fun to help Honey create these. I really wish I had taken pictures of our progress... A lesson I've learned.

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