Friday, January 28, 2011


Probably not the safest driver on the road as I was craning my neck to not lose sight of the amazing rainbow around the sun... finally found a place to pull over.

I've never seen this before... and I will be looking for it again for the rest of my life, hopefully my girlies will be with me next time.

This photo does not do justice to the actual sight, colors, and awe. Unlike this photo, the sky was a beautiful blue and the color distinction in the rainbow was breathtaking.

Of course I had to listen to The Rainbow Connection on my iPod immediately. Found it on YouTube for your enjoyment... until copy right makes this person take it down.

Research update: Because I am obsessed... this is called a Corona. So I will be searching for a Corona for the rest of my life, hopefully after I have purchase a camera that is real instead of the point and shoot one that I have... okay, it's a little better than a point and shoot but not by much.

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