Monday, August 29, 2011

Whatchya Doin?

It's 3:30.
I'm showered.
Getting ready to go to work... 'cause I'm up.
And from past experience I am HIGHLY productive at this hour.

But I can't do anything around the house because it is very small and I would wake everyone up.

My loved ones are snug in their beds.  Well, Caitlin is snug in my bed. But everyone is definitely snug.

I have disturbed only one...

my handsome boy

He's been following me around.  I'm sure he's trying to figure out what he's supposed to fix. That's what he does. He stuck by me right outside the shower.  Followed me to the laundry room. Tried to lure me back to bed.

He'll be on guard until I walk out of the house in a few minutes.  Then he'll climb into bed to watch over one of the others.

He is always on watch. Always on guard.  Always ready to cuddle or keep company.

Always my handsome boy.

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