Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Here's To The Beer

You heard it here first folks! 

Rucker Simon is going to be a big ol' country star! He just published (is that the right term?) his first single on iTunes and Amazon, Here's To The Beer. Who is Rucker? My boss' 19 year old son.

Yes, I've noted that he's not old enough to order beer... but it's a great song.

Tricky photo today.
I took a pic of myself listening to the song... note that I am singing along.
Then I took a screen capture of my iTunes.
Then I took another screen capture of the screen capture with my photo.

I am sure there was an easier way to do that... but this is the way I worked it out.

Back to the music...

So check this song out ASAP.  Back in the day my sister and her friends used to make "theme" CDs.  This one would definitely have gone on the break-up CD.

I'm more of a "put it on repeat" kinda girl. I once listened to Miley Cyrus' Party In The USA for three days straight. Totally helped me make it through that week.

I don't always do that.  Normally I have my music on random/shuffle. But I will get into repeats modes occasionally.

Today it was Here's To The Beer on repeat. It keeps getting better.

... that voice... 19?... I'm pretending he's 50...

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