Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bonus - Don't talk about it!

We picked up Honey's school schedule this afternoon. (I was very impressed with myself for being able to go to the school, therapy really is working.) Anyway, back to Honey.

She was not a happy camper.  If I could go buy her a pair of rose-colored-glasses I would. Somehow she had been holding out hope that even though I made her sign up for all pre-AP classes they would be full and she wouldn't have to take them.  Poor thing... of coarse she's in all AP classes.  But she also got into theater and art, her first two elective picks!

She looked at her schedule for about 10 seconds and then we headed off to find all her classrooms.  I kept having to refer to the list... apparently she memorized the whole thing in 10 seconds.  I miss having a brain.

So... all she needs to bring to school on the first day is a notebook and pencil.  There was no meeting the teachers tonight.  No school supply list. This is the next step.  One more step closer to adulthood and one step farther from apron strings. (Not that I've ever worn an apron.)

Not to worry, I'll be able to meet the teachers next week.  And I've already stalked them all on the school website.  I think two of her teachers are married to each other... or they're siblings, but I think probably married. She's got 3 male teachers this year.  Which is great.  She hasn't had a male teacher before.

As we walked out of the building I was instructed that she had a few days of summer and that school was off limits. "DON'T talk about it! I am going to enjoy my last few days as much as possible!"

Apparently, denial runs in the family. She wasn't kidding either. I found her at the table...

YouTube, Nintendo DS, and drawing... she really is going to soak in as much "me" time as possible for the next 4 days.

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