Friday, August 19, 2011

I suck at stalking!

I always have. Sucky stalking in high school can be chalked up to non-experience.  But by college I should have been a pro. Nope. I thought it came with the female genes. Nope.

Turns out as an adult, married, mother-of-two I still suck! An amateur.  Not that it's good to be a "stalker" but some minimal skills would come in handy.

This is my "stalking" face.  Caitlin is impressed... but she's only 8.

Sooo... Who is my prey? The people who my children will be spending 8 hrs a day with for the next 9 months.  T-E-A-C-H-E-R-S.  It's just that these are my babies we are talking about.

What did I find out? Nothing! Not even a favorite color. How much should we be able to know about our children's teachers?

Well, I met Caitlin's teacher.  That just leaves Siobain's 6...

I checked out the stalking laws in Texas... turns out I am an even suckier stalker than I thought.  I don't plan on doing ANY of those things. Sigh. Good news for my girlies.  I may be crazy... but I'm not THAT crazy.

So what am I? Curious?  Nosey? Looks like I suck at being curious and nosey.  I really thought I excelled at those two.

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