Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bare Butts

Bare... I mean Bear Butts...

A bunch of bear butts.
tehehehe... a co-worker walked into my cube and said "bare butts!"

Why so many mooning bears?  Caitlin's third grade teacher is so fun and enthusiastic.  She's all about team work and keeping the kids motivated.  Since their classroom is "Poole's Pirates" we decided to make a treasure bag with lots of fun stuff!  I put them together at work so that my sneaking girlie can have a surprise too.

I hope the kids like them.  The brown bag has a pirate bear, 2 pirate bookmarks, 1 pirate pencil, and 4 silly bands.... and a whole lotta love.

Yo-ho-ho Poole's Pirates!
Your team found a treasure!
Your "first mate" Study Buddy bear
A "lookout" bookmark... so you don't lose your spot
A Pencil, mightier than your sword
And silly band just for fun!
Arrr! A great year it will be!

These will go home with the kids on Friday.  So the three people who read my blog... don't tell the kiddos.

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