Sunday, August 28, 2011

Because Daddy isn't home

I didn't post yesterday.
Slept and hid instead.

Michael had a party to go to.  WE had a party to go to. To celebrate an anniversary. I hadn't seen anyone at the party for years. YEARS. Some of them I had only met once. My social anxiety reared it's ugly head. It hit really bad around 10:00 am.  8 hrs before the party. 7 hrs before we had to leave for the party. 6 hrs before I had to get ready for the party.

I "tapped" but then was so exhausted I slept.  Tapping is great.  As a therapy method I highly recommend it.  But no amount of tapping was going to get me calm enough to go to this party. I know the root.  I know the why.  I just couldn't rationalize it away.  Because it wasn't the logic... it was the emotion.

But hubby is awesome.  And he loves me. And he understood. And he knows I am trying. It's a huge accomplishment that I could go out with my friends this weekend, alcohol helped :).  Going out with his friends will be what I work on next.

So I stayed home with the girlies.  And I was up late because I had hid and slept all day. And everyone wanted hubby home.

The temperature reached 106 yesterday. It was 94 when the girlies went to bed.  But daddy wasn't home... and this is what Caitlin sleeps in when Daddy isn't home.

We all love Michael. Hubby. Daddy. Goofball. Friend. Foe. Hero.

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