Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Bad Guy

Yup. I'm the bad guy.

This is my "are you really asking me again?" face... 
which closely resembles my "you are about to die or at least be grounded" face.

My hubby is awesome.  He is a really great guy BUT he and the girlies would have us running a zoo if I let them.

Today's phone-in request was "can we get a rabbit?"... NO

Previously on the "can we get" channel:
Can we get a puppy? NO
Can we get a kitty? NO
Can we get a turtle? NO
Can we get a hamster? NO
Can we get a guinea pig? NO
Can we get a frog? NO
Can we get a mouse? NO
Can we get a rat? NO
But he is cute!
But she is so soft!
But they don't make a mess!
But I'll take care of it!
But they are just in a cage!
But... but... but... but...

NO. We have Spartacus, the best dog in the world, and we have Kitty, a fat and purring cat.

Ahhhhhhh.  Please, please, please Mommy?


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