Monday, August 15, 2011

3% and 1964

Had an exciting day.  
Refinanced and got 3% interest rate on the balance of the house.
But don't really know how to show that in a picture.


Here is a picture, taken today, of the Paul Beatles tumbler Michael received.

But this is a TOTAL CHEAT so that I can write about the concert we went to on the 7th.
For Father's day we gave Michael tickets to see 1964 The Tribute.
It was a great concert! Probably the first time I was able to appreciate The Beatles.

Pictures aren't very good because we were using hubby's phone.
But the memories are great.

We had mezzanine box seats so I wasn't in this crowd.
Just me and hubby and my 2 girlies and 6 other people.
It was heaven. And we all had our own chairs!

This was our view of the stage.
It was so fun to watch the crowd.  So many electronic devices down there!

My cuties!

More cuties! (tehe)

We waited and took pictures with the band.
Sooooo blurry.

Hubby wants to make this an annual tradition. I had enough fun I might let him.

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