Thursday, August 4, 2011

Babies... and Lightning

I'm always jarred when my phone rings on the "set" - even if I'm the one directing.  Such poor etiquette.

I answered the phone quickly as I walked out of the room.

Complete sobbing on the other end.  I could tell Caitlin was talking but couldn't understand any words.

My heart stopped.  We have a substitute sitter today.  Someone we trust.  But still.

I can't get her to calm down.  She can't breathe she's sobbing so hard.  I think I hear "I don't want to have a baby."

What? Scenarios run through my head. Is there a baby there? Is a baby hurt? Is someone in labor?

I ask if Honey is there and can I talk to her.

My very calm 12 year old is able to explain.  The sitter was watching a TV show about women who don't know they are pregnant until they are at the hospital.  Caitlin is terrified that she might be pregnant and that this will happen to her.

Put Caitlin on back on the phone.  

So in the main hall of the 1st floor of my office building this is approximately what one could overhear...

Caitlin, this can't happen to you... It's not possible... You can't have a baby...  Caitlin, calm down.  I promise you can't have a baby...  Your aren't old enough to have a baby. I promise God hasn't made your body ready yet...  Caitlin. Caitlin, you remember how babies are made? You would have to do that first... It won't happen by itself... Your sister can't have babies yet either and she's four years older than you.  I promise you won't have a baby...  It's okay if you never want to have a baby.  

Sobbing has subsided. Put your sister back on the phone.

Siobain said she would put on a cartoon and cuddle her awhile.

through these innocent eyes

When I got home hubby told me he'd let me handle the girlie stuff.  He just explained using lightening...

Okay... I have had 2 children with this man and am DYING to know what lightning has to do with this topic. (Don't get me wrong, sparks fly and the earth moves, but lightning?)

As explained by hubby, Caitlin doesn't need to worry about having a baby because we are teaching them about good behavior.  And we talk about where babies come from and how babies are made.  And we know that we aren't supposed to make babies until we are married. It's just like... lightening.  Who is going to get struck by lightening? The girl who goes out and plays in it? Or the girl who stays inside when there is a storm?

Apparently, and to my surprise, this analogy seemed to have cleared the whole issue up.... but I'll still have a chat with her to review the facts of life.

Just another normal day.

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