Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Day of School

Caitlin was excited this morning....

She had her Jack bag, all her supplies and smiles.

Siobain was not excited this morning...

She smiled for this ONE picture.  Sigh. She's 12. And I love her.

Both girls reported good days. Caitlin l-o-v-e-s her teacher. She got a treat at the end of the day. They are going to put their folders together tomorrow. The year is going to be fantastic and she's going to love it. I know this because she told me so.

Siobain, in a pre-teen kinda way, had nothing to "report" and everything was "fine" and there are no details she needs to "share"... but she was smiling and in a good mood. So I guess her day went really well too.

I did really need to know about the lunch situation. So I pushed... Lunch is the time I worry about most for her. It's the most social. So, here is the deal. Apparently her class is assigned to 3 tables for the time being. They MAY in the FUTURE be allowed to sit wherever they want in the cafeteria.  But for right now they have to sit with their class.  She ate with Joey.

I'm so relieved. Lunch is the most social 30 minutes of her day. I wanted it to go well. I know she'll find her place. And she'll make new friends. But I'm really glad the first lunch is over.

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