Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dancing Flamingo

I called in an asked for another vacation day.  And I am so glad that I did.  We had such a fun day.  We didn't do anything "special" just ran around.

Well, we started the day off planning to do something special.  My third girlie is in another stage production, Willy Wonka, and we were going to see the 10:00am show. We were on the waiting list because it was sold out... so close to getting in but we didn't.


We wanted to have lunch with them so we decided to hang out in the area until the show was over.  Being the wild and crazy kids that we are, we hit up the local library.  It's really nice!  They have a great reading room.  We all picked a book to read while we waited for the cousins.  Hubby surprised us by getting a local library card... so we could take our unfinished books with us.

Caitlin was uncontrollable with the "has Aunt Sarah called yet?" question every five minutes.  "How long until the show is over?"...  Total cliche "are we there yet?" moment... for an hour. LOL!

Lunch was a lot of fun. The girlies had their own table and Sarah, hubby and I actually got to have a conversation!


Then two doors down for some frozen yogurt...

(photo by Sarah)
Again... we are able to all look in different directions.  Our family is unbelievable!

Sarah told hubby that his shirt "hurt like a hang over" which I thought was hi-larious. She said that quote came from the tv show Will & Grace.  I don't care where it came from... if the quote fits... (more about the shirt later.)


The girlies begged to go to the pet store... they were not ready to separate.  So we hung out at the PetSmart.  They have a doggy daycamp.  One of the walls is just a big window looking at their play room. Best free entertainment ever.  I really don't know how long we all stood there watching and laughing at the dogs playing.

We picked up some food for my handsome boy and I fell in love with this rubber dancing flamingo.

(photo by Sarah)

Hubby said "no"... "Sparticus won't like it"
I vetoed that argument and the truth came out "it makes me uncomfortable."
What? Why? What?!... 
We all wanted to know why he would be uncomfortable with a dog toy.
It's a squeak toy and he didn't like the placement of the hole... tehehehehee

A picture of the hole for your enjoyment.

Of coarse I won and we brought the toy home.
It was love at first sight.  Who couldn't love this face?

Thank you MOM!

kissy kissy kissy

Look mom, she's taking a bow.

Okay, so after lunch but before we brought flamingo home, we had to go to the bank.  Michael was in line and this old guy turns to Michael and says "I'll wrestle you for that shirt." Michael having been told, just an hour before, that his shirt is unacceptable doesn't know if this guy was making fun of him.  I so wish I was there for the awkwardness.  Makes me giggle.

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