Friday, June 17, 2011

TGIF... Maybe?

So,  today was gonna be awesome! Moving day at work so we HAD to leave at noon. I was going to sneak off and do some lunchtime shopping with some girl friends and then see a movie.

But Caitlin had an emotional breakdown this morning. She desperately misses her  2nd grade teacher and school in general.  So I promised I would pick her up early (and not go have my afternoon of bliss.)

When I got to work the air conditioning wasn't working... so packing the last of my bits of my office was a sweaty job.

Migraine developed around 5:30... it's a pounder.

And now... there are 5 extra girlies screaming and running around my house.  One of them I'm a bit frightened of... I think she could take me.

All of this is worth it for my girlies summertime fun... plus hubby said he'd do all the work :)

Does Ebber's fit in the box?

She sure does!  On the way to take a pic of "Ebber In A Box" in her bosses office... we ran into  Jim, our boss's boss while I was wheeling her down the hall... awkward. But funny!

We also had a visitor in the office today.  Stephen saved this little guy from sure death on the street... although I'm not sure that the turtle realized this. I think he thought we were torturing him.

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