Sunday, June 19, 2011

King Daddy

Today is Father's Day and we celebrated with the King Daddy himself.

Caitlin made hubby a Sponge Bob crown... and hubby proudly wore it all day.

This was my favorite picture.  My girlies truly adore their daddy.  And he adores them.

The man in the crown
is always willing to play the clown

he may be really wacky
(and sometimes just plain tacky)

but he is never "playing" dad
it's the truest role he has ever had

I could forever write of
how they are filled with love

but i'll just say
for this man we celebrate this day

Okay, after all the goofy shots we had a nice afternoon (fine, it's true, I was a bit of a handful but it was HOT out today.) We went around the mall, grabbed some food, and watched Super 8.  A really great movie for this day.  The children in the movie were making a film... and they so reminded us all of what hubby must have been like at that age. 

Super fun to have Bobby join us at the movies too.

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