Saturday, June 18, 2011


TMI Warning

So, in the midst of the girlies slumber party I turned into a raging bitch.  Thankfully hubby, after noting that "'Disneyland' is closed," took over most of the host duties... as I was tending towards a host resembling Freddie Krueger.

Freddie Krueger*

He did a great job entertaining the girls... expect for the screaming and laughing and having fun that was seriously making me want to kill someone.

The worst of it was this morning when Michael had to leave for a few minutes and I felt that I had to step up as the supervisor.  The count down began for the "mean" girl and the "whining" girl to going home (I'm sure that if I were not in 'Freddie Krueger' mode I would have found them charming and normal little girls)... The other three girlie guests I know and love... and would have supervised from my bedroom by saying "don't set anything on fire" and "come and get me if you need me."

Finally Michael got home (after what felt like a day and a half) and immediately sent Freddie back to bed.  With my heating pad, anti-Freddie meds, and a relatively quiet house I settled down.  Hubby took the remaining 5 girlies (my two and their besties) to see a movie.

Ahhhh.  I cuddled up with my handsome boy and turned on the tv to take a nap.  Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace was the best thing on. It was perfect because I needed something familiar and comfortable that wouldn't drag me into the story line... so I could fall asleep and let the meds to the work.

I slept on and off all afternoon and two dream-like items were constant throughout the afternoon. First, apparently there was a Star Wars marathon on... making time very confusing as the same characters were onscreen all afternoon.  Second, PMS-B always seemed to be looking at me... eyes following in a creepy way.

PMS-B: the Pink Menacing Stuffed Bunny
aka... Caitlin's favorite bunny

8:00 pm and Freddie is gone... but mildler PMS remains.  The Star Wars marathon is still running, but now we are on the "good" ones and I will watch Star Wars IV: A New Hope for a bit.  I should be back to normal tomorrow, although some would say there is a bit too much "bitch" in my "regular" personality...

*Freddie Krueger photo was taken from who credit © 1984 - New Line Cinema - All Rights Reserved – Image courtesy

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