Thursday, June 2, 2011

Painting Daisy

So much fun!  Met Kelli after work tonight and we had an evening of chardonnay, paint, laughter and girl talk.  Just what I needed!  I've been wanting to try out Painting With a Twist and it was fantastic! You bring the wine (if you want) and they provide everything else...

Kelli models her fancy batman apron. Mine was not superhero... just paint splattered.

This is our artist station and our progress up to the first break... gotta let that orange dry.

"I feel better after I wine a little"
so so so true...

Kelli at work!

I like Kelli's better... but she wouldn't trade.

Kelli looks cool and refreshed...
I have "glisten-ed" a gallon of sweat...

Can't wait to go again!

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