Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Panties in a twist...

Apparently, I care a WHOLE LOT about whether a video crew has walkie talkies or not... and I'm not even going to be there.

For those of you who have used walkies on a production... or at a pta carnival... you know you will never go without them again.  Anyway, this contract company wasn't going to use them and one of my (there are several) alter egos came out and proceeded to have a 5 minute conversation (tantrum) about the necessities of walkies on a SHOOT in a CAMP.  I do believe they spoke of me after I left.

Anywho, after getting my panties in a twist about the walkies I stopped at the ladies room on the way back to my office and discovered that my panties were NOT in a twist... they were in-side-out.

Gave me a giggle.

On a completely unrelated topic... here's my cutie Caitlin trying on her 4th of July headband...

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