Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Study Session

Well, my sleep study started last night.  I arrived at the hospital, nerves a wreck, at 9:15. Spooooky.  4 cars in the parking lot.  Turns out it's me, my tech, 1 other patient, 1 nurse, 1 doctor, and 1 sleeping receptionist for the whole night.... in this big ol' hospital. How am I expected to sleep?

Fortunately my nurse was super uber charming and just chatted away.  I was set up with all my wires by 11:00.

A Franken-mess

Then we had to do a wire-reading check.

- look straight ahead with your eyes open
- close your eyes
- moving only your eyes look left then right 3 times
- moving only your eyes look up and down 3 times
- cough or clear your throat
- move your left foot 3 times
- move your right foot 3 times
- grind your teeth

Doing the hokey-pokey... and that's what it's all about!

She said I didn't have to go right to sleep.  So I watched a couple minutes of Star Trek to settle down.  Felt pretty comfortable and fell asleep. But this was definitely not by bed.  I must say I have a fantastic bed at home.

So, the tech also said that if I tested positive for sleep apnea then I wouldn't have to stay for the daytime test. She seemed pretty sure that would be the case. Plus she just loves this sleeping apparatus you get if you do have it. But this morning she told me I'd be staying for the daytime test.  She wouldn't say I didn't have sleep apnea, because she isn't supposed to discuss the tests, but since I'm staying... I assume I don't.

Half the wires are removed for the daytime test... but I still have 13 wires connected to various parts of my head.

I make these wires look gooooood!

Franken-mess control

This is my remote control with all my colorful wires attached.  They plug this in whenever I take one of my naps so that the computer can read the mysteries of my mind.

It's 1:00pm, 'bout to take another nap. I think it's the fourth one of the day?  I'm loosing track... I know I have three more to go.

So far this has been very painless...

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