Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lightning King

All hail the Lightning King!

King Richard L

("L" roman for 50, Richard the 50th)
("L" for lightning)
(get it? the "L" has 2 meanings)

In case you need to know, King Richard L should be hailed thus:

The day went downhill after rubbing bolts with royalty (get it? bolts instead of elbows.)

1st... I was "hopping" onto the elevator after a meeting when the doors CLOSED ON ME.  Like a Kathleen sandwich.  There were four people on the elevator. We were all stunned into silence... until I uttered (still stuck in the doors) "aawkwaard."  That must have been the magic word because the doors opened and freed me to ride in humiliation up ONE floor. Note to self... take the stairs.

2nd... I was rear-ended on the way to my therapy appointment.  No damage done... until I started telling people about it and the first thing they ALL asked was "was it your fault?"  Normally when someone is rear-ended the blame is assumed to be the 2nd driver... I REALLY have a bad driving reputation.

Yes, it was my fault.

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