Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shuffle Toe Step

Today was my girlie Eleanor's big dance recital.

1st, she was excellent.
2nd, whoever was in charge should be given a medal.

When my children were in dance we had to sit through enjoy 4 hours of recital. But E's school is brills!  The recital is 6 hrs long... but it is come and go.  So you show up and perform/watch only the performances that  you, yah know, care about.  So it was a fun 60 minutes instead of (with my girlies) a fun 4 minutes and torture for 3 hrs 53 minutes.

Am I being harsh?  I don't mean to be.  If your kiddo was in one of these dances then I am sure they were great...

Anywho, all the girlies in E's dances were adorable... but there is only ONE Eleanor.

The ballet performance went very well.  I love how expressive her face is.  
She has definite stage presence.

Quick Change.
I love how Sarah's and Eleanor's heads are together.

Tap dance was much more exciting. 
Plus who doesn't love green bows and a feather in the hair.

Little Kate behaved really well during the performance but had traveled all day and couldn't join us for dinner.  She has the cutest snail bow in her hair.  Kill me now!

I love this picture of Gorgeous and the girlies.  It is SO our family. 
Everyone is looking in different directions... but they all look adorable.

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